O Quel Dommage is a company that titillates the ear... its universe is one of absurd, clownish, poetic theatre. Gestures, images, sounds and music interact to dislodge the audience from their usual routines and surprise them with the imaginary. We explore wordless theatre that brings together audiences of all ages and nationalities.
In her creations, she likes to explore the chaos of the modern world and our feelings in order to draw out the poetry and comedy through the universality of gesture. With each new creation, the company's core artistic team is brought together to explore new techniques and contribute to the enrichment and quality of its shows.
 The Compagnie Ô Quel Dommage was born in 2010 on the stages of Brussels cabarets with three actress-creators and their first creation Les Pleureuses. Clara Lopez Casado (a graduate of the LASSAAD International School) and Justine Moreau (a graduate of the Conservatoire de Liège, specialising in declamation) have continued the artistic and human adventure to this day. 
Since it was founded, O Quelle ASBL (legal status) has received funding from the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles for its latest shows for young audiences, Ma Tache (created in 2017) and Cosquillas (created in 2023).
It all began...
In 2010, O Quel Dommage presented Les Pleureuses, their first show, a delirious tribute to grief. A short burlesque form, rhythmic and sung for the stage and the street. It can also be performed as a strolling show.
In 2012, the company took on the organisation and programming of the Saltimbanques street theatre festival in Brussels, in collaboration with the Centre Culturel Bruegel in Brussels.
Also in 2012, it created Room Service, a street show combining burlesque and buffoonery with a human-headed puppet about the mother-baby relationship.
In 2013, she created Henri, a show for the stage and the street. A clownish and absurd funeral interspersed with sounds, songs, sighs, cries, silences, screams and gags. In 2017, this production will go on tour with ASSPROPRO in Belgium.
Also in 2017, O Quel Dommage presented "Ma Tache" at the Rencontres de Théâtre Jeune Public de Huy, which was followed by a successful national and international tour. The show won the prize for best creative work at the International Children's festival of Kotor, Montenegro and the Jury Prize at the International Theater Festival for Children in Bucharest, Romania. A show for
ages 4 and up. A show brimming with surprising visual effects, where the technique of the human shadow is brought to light in a playground conducive to an encounter with oneself.
O Quel Dommage has already travelled to the four corners of the world with the help of Wallonie Bruxelles International. It has already presented its shows in France, Holland, Tunisia, Montenegro, Chile, China, Romania, Spain, Finland, Palestine, Bulgaria, Portugal, Slovenia, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic, with over fifty performances. Our ambition is to continue to broaden and diversify our audiences. The company's shows can be read at different levels, depending on the audience: the themes, the second degree, the playfulness of the clown appeals to children.
Over the years, O Quel Dommage has developed into a production company with a range of different show formats: street shows, theatre productions and children's theatre workshops.
The company is a full member of the CTEJ (Chambre de Théâtre pour l'enfance et la jeunesse), Aires Libres (Fédération des Arts de la Rue, Belgium) and ASSITEJ International.
Thank you to all those who are or have been part of Ô Quel Dommage, because without you we wouldn't have Ô Quel, and that would be just Dommage (too bad) ! 

Céline Pellin, Marie Limet, Natalia Weinger, Monica Varela Couto, Estelle Beugin, Valentin Boucq, Mélodie Polge, Delphine Dupont, Olivier Mahiant, Tom Mannaerts, Zosia Ladomirska, Sandrine Clark, Luis Javier Córdoba, Julie Antoine, Isabelle Verlaine, Laura Nicolas, Grib Borremans, Gaetan Van den Berg, Jacques Verhaegen, Sophie Debaisieux, Amanda Kibble, Gilles Kremer, Mark Dehou, Pierre Ronti, Ruth Bresseleers, Christine Dejean, Daniel Dejean, Odile Sage, Mark Elst, Sébastien André, Fanny Poisson, Rodolphe Maquet, Veronica Campos, Kathy Contreras, Vanessa Torrekens, Zoé Severin, Miss Martine, Olivier Mahiant, Antoinette Clette, Francy Begasse, Jean Lambert, Line Lerho, Natalia Martinez, Vincent Raoult, Manuel Bernard, Bernard Bocara, Chela di Diego, Rocio Paris, Françoise Tournemernne, Bernard Senny, Vera Gonzalez...





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