Throughout their procession, the mourners lead the audience to the stage where they will present their absurd, extravagant, sad, tender and poetic show.

Short form for outside or inside - General public

A black mass appears. Ladies' shoes click and clack. Sails in the wind, dark faces, the Mourners solemnly step forward, proudly displaying their torrid suffering. Throughout their footsteps, their sobs, their sniffles, music is born to which they move and are moved in chorus, to which they soon swirl and cry as they sing, to which their procession becomes a dance and gradually intoxicates them to the point of extravagance.
As fervent ambassadors of the expression of feelings, the Mourners put on a show for you without words or quiet!
The short stroll

The mourners also appear at the corner of the road, on the village square, and come to awaken the emotions inside you. There are so many reasons to cry and laugh, so why not bring out those hidden emotions in the public space? During their sonorous and choreographic procession, the Mourners suddenly melt on passers-by, blow their noses in their clothes, throw themselves at their feet, invite them to cry too, offer them great demonstrations of suffering and affection, sometimes even letting themselves be seduced.
They disperse, gather together, always moving together and improvising according to the configuration of the place and the moment.
On stage

"The Mourners" is a show that is essentially choreographic, rhythmic and sonorous, whose music is produced by voices, feet and bodies in movement.
The playlet is a procession of mourners with heightened emotions who share the heavy pain of a mysterious and dramatic mourning, but who gradually take on a strange festive aspect. It is treated like a choral work following a kind of score, and is seen as a painting.

A tragi-comic show in which the absurdity of the situation will allow us to release as many tears as laughter, or why not cry with laughter or better still laugh while crying!



Avec Clara Lopez Casado, Justine Moreau and Céline Pellin
Coaching: Johanne Charlebois
Thanks to Tuur Florizone, Veronica Campos, Marie Limet et Virginie Pierre
Writted by : Clara Lopez, Justine Moreau, Céline Pellin (Création initiale: Kathy Contreras, Justine Moreau, Céline Pellin et Vanessa Torrekens)
All public



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