A funeral fantasy in one act. A funny musical performance without words but full of voice.

For outside or inside - General public

Duration: 70 minutes


Three women in black, who would gladly have done without seeing each other, painfully gather for the funeral service of the man for whom they were wife, ex-wife and mistress.

In an explosive atmosphere, conventions are shattered, competition is fierce, mourning impossible…. The ceremony takes a twist and turns into a joyous fiasco!
« Henry » is a comical performance without words, scattered with sounds, songs, sighs, tears, silences, outbursts, and jokes. Music and acting are praised throughout the plays’ dramaturgy that navigates between drama and poetry with caustic wit. The three characters are the fruit of a shorter, rhythmical, and choreographed form “The Mourners”, created by “O quel dommage” in 2010.

The unusual and absurd idea of a funeral service, completely out of context, creates comic potential, while remains moving at the same time; furthermore it creates a pretence to “speak” about emotions, personalities, cultures, ego, social convention…and about love! The plays’ double vocation is to create immediate pleasure for the audience by means of humour and emotion, all the while inviting them to a deeper reflection on the emerging themes.



With Clara Lopez Casado, Justine Moreau and Estelle Beugin

By : Clara Lopez, Justine Moreau and Céline Pellin

Staging: Louis Spagna

Special aids in creation: Marie-Sophie Talbot y Gaspard Herblot

Technical: Fanny Poison


With the help to Service de la diffusion de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (Art et Vie) and Asspropro.

With the support to La Roseraie, Le C.A.R., Le Centre Culturel Bruegel, Le Théâtre des Doms, Latitude 50, La Compagnie de la Casquette, le Recyclart, La Maison de la création Bruxelles-Nord et Coiffure Liliane Asbl.

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Fabien Bonnieux, La Provence (Avignon)
Michel Voiturier, Rue du Théâtre, Belgique


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