With horror and buffoonery, in "Room Service" you are witness to a mother-baby relationship bordering on senility and neurosis

For outside or inside
General public
Duration: 30 minutes

A baby, a puppet with a human head and hands and an overwhelmed mother put up with each other...Any resemblance with facts or people who exist or have existed is unfortunately certain but non the less fortuitous.

Room Service is a zany, black humor playlet, diverting the stereotypes of the mother-baby relationship and highlighting the guilty fantasies and impulses inherent to motherhood. The baby is a puppet with a human head and hands creating an absurdly comic character who is moving due to her helplessness in the face of this mother whose exhaustion makes her profoundly unstable. The act is based on the interaction between the characters, the visual illusion and the sounds of babbling


With: Justine Moreau and Estelle Beugin
Creation: Céline Pellin et Justine Moreau 
External eyes: Clara Lopez Casado y Francy Begasse
Thanks to Zoé Severin, Miss Martine, Olivier Mahiant and Antoine Clette
With the help to Service de la diffusion de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (Art et Vie)




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