COSQUILLAS (the end of 2022)

Cosquillas is a giant object theatre show dedicated to the power of the body, playful sensuality and respect for individual limits.  For ages 3 and up.
Once upon a time, there was a tube, a ball and a pyramid. They discover themselves and their sensations. The stage becomes a little world of its own in which these three shapes get to know each other, exploring their tactile universe, playing to explore it and exploring it to play.
Playing together is something you have to learn, and finding the right balance isn't always easy.
In this show, we explore the body that surprises us from birth and that we try to tame and meet throughout our lives. This sensational instrument that allows us to play our part in the great symphony of the world. This object of pleasure, desire, suffering, movement, frustration, drive... that allows us to experience life through all our senses. This refuge that shelters us and that we inhabit. The faithful steed that enables us to complete our journey on earth.
We also explore the relationship with the other person's body, which raises so many questions about intimacy, difference, desire, tenderness and limits.
Initiator: Clara Lopez Casado
By: Sandrine Clark and Clara Lopez
With: Zosia Ladomirska, Tom Manaerts and Clara Lopez
Directed by: Julie Antoine
Artistic accompaniment: Isabelle Verlaine
Set design: Sandrine Clark
Composer: Mark Dehou
Lighting design: Gaetan Van den Berg
Inspiration, illustration and graphics: Laura Nicolas
Sound and lighting control: Delphine Dupont
Photo credit: Line Lerho et Gilles Destexhe
Produced by Compagnie O Quel Dommage
In coproduction with Cie de la Casquette, de HET LAB Hasselt and Pierre de Lune, Centre scénique jeune public de Bruxelles.
With the help of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, service général de la création artistique - direction du théâtre and the financial support of the Rayonnement Wallonie grant, an initiative of the Walloon government, operated by St'art sa, the Centre Culturel Brabant Wallon and the Spanish Embassy.
We are also delighted to be supported by La Roseraie, Le Centre Culturel de Jodoigne, Le Centre Culturel du Wolubilis, La Commune d'Ixelles, service culture, Eklà pour tous, Le Centre de la Marionnette de la FWB, Le Centre Culturel Jacques Franck and Collectif H2Oz.
Thanks to Olivier Mahiant, Sophie Debaisieux, Luis Javier Cordoba and Amanda Kibble.

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