This performance is about discovering our body, the sensations it gives us but also about meeting someone else's' body. Our bodies are similar but at the end f the day they are so different. We are going to go and explore this extra terrestrial being. Loaded with curiosity we are going to observe him, touch him, compare him to our body that we are getting to know. What is it like to apprehend the world in a body completely different from one's own? If I am short or long, if I have long or frizzy hair, if I am a boy or a girl, if I have 6 arms or am completely hairy, my relationship to the world will be different. In a sensory way at first, then socially. With this relationship to the other, to the other's body, comes the question of intimacy, of what I'm happy to show and what I'd rather

hide. The notion of secrecy in all it's splendour, the treasure it encloses. But also of the embarrassment or even shame associated with it. The shame of nudity, of feeling pleasure, desire. The taboo linked to the body is very present in our societies. We want to question this discomfort, without being intrusive. To play with the notion of modesty so that it doesn't freeze, to make it clownish in order to laugh about it and to lighten up this unpleasant emotion.




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